Alex Lovelock.(The Maverick Medium) medium,musician, writer. - Diary 2011
Alex Lovelock.(The Maverick Medium) medium,musician, writer. -                  Spiritual Medium
Diary 2011
Fri 18th Evening of Clairvoyance with Barry & Alex. Wick Lodge,Jaywick Lane,Jaywick,Essex.7.00pm.  Barry & Alex. Entrance £5.00
Sat    9th Evening of Clairvoyance, Beeches Spiritualist Church,Woodbridge Road,Ipswich,Suffolk.7.00pm
Sun  10th  Divine Service,Witham Spiritualist Society,Collingwood Road,Witham,Essex.6.45pm
Sun 17th   Divine Service,Anne Walmsley Centre,24 Whitehorse Avenue Halstead Essex. Alex & James Argue
Fri  22nd Evening of Clairvoyance with Barry & Alex.Wick Lodge,Jaywick Lane,Jaywick,Essex.7.00pm Entrance £5.00
Sat  30th Private Function (clairvoyance)
Mon  2nd  Evening of Clairvoyance with Barry & Alex.Three Jays,Golf Green Road,Jaywick,Essex.6.00pm. Entrance £5.00 Ticket only.Tickets can be purchased online or in person at the venue.
Fri   20th   Evening  of Clairvoyance with Barry & Alex. Wick Lodge,Jaywick Lane
Jaywick,Essex.7.00pm. Entrance £5.00
Sat    4th Evening of Clairvoyance,Cedars Spiritualist Church,46 Anglesea Road,
Ipswich,Suffolk.  7.00pm
Sat     2nd Evening of Clairvoyance,Beeches Spiritualist Church,Woodbridge Road,Ipswich,Suffolk.7.00pm
Wed 13th Afternoon of clairvoyance,Randell Memorial Spiritualist Church,29 Grove Road,Benfleet,Essex.2.30pm
Sat    20th Evening of Clairvoyance,Cedars spiritualist Church,46 Anglesea Road,Ipswich,Suffolk.7.00pm
Fri     26th  Evening of Clairvoyance with Barry & Alex.Wick Lodge,Jaywick Lane,Jaywick,Essex.7.00pm. Entrance £5.00
Sun   11th  Divine Service.Temple of Light,Main Road,Dovercourt,Essex.6.30pm
Sun   18th  Divine Service. The Cedars Spiritualist Church,46 Anglesea Road,Ipswich,Suffolk.6.30pm
Wed   28th Evening of Clairvoyance.Temple of Light,Beech Road,Felixstowe,Suffolk.7.30pm
Fri     30th Charity Event, Evening of Clairvoyance with Barry, Alex +other mediums to be confirmed. Wick Lodge,Jaywick Lane,Jaywick,Essex.7.00pm. £6.00 entrance.
Sat      1st    Evening of Clairvoyance,The Cedars Spiritualist church,46 Anglesea Road,Ipswich,Suffolk.7.00pm
Sat      8th    Mind,body,& spirit event.The Cedars spiritualist church,46 Anglesea Road,Ipswich,Suffolk. 10.00am
Tues  11th   Evening of Clairvoyance,East Mersea Spiritual Centre,East Mersea Road,East Mersea,Essex.7.30pm
Sat     22nd  Guitar Workshop,Martello tower,Jaywick,Essex.A demonstration of guitar tech etc run by me.11am-1pm
Fri       28th Evening of Clairvoyance with Barry & Alex,Wick Lodge,Jaywick Lane,Jaywick,Essex.7.00pm. Entrance £5.00
Sat        5th Private function,Lincolnshire. (Clairvoyance)
Sat      12th Evening of Clairvoyance,The cedars Spiritualist Church,46 Anglesea Road,Ipswich,Suffolk.7.00pm
Fri        18th Blues at the Tower.Evening of jazz & blues at the Martello tower Jaywick,Essex,with Traxz.7.30pm
Sun  20th Divine Service,Anne Walmesley Centre,24,Whitehorse Avenue,Halstead,Essex.3.00pm
Fri    25th.Evening of Clairvoyance with Barry & Alex,Wick Lodge,Jaywick Lane,Jaywick,Essex.7.00pm.Entrance £5.00
Sun   11th  Divine Service.Temple of Light,406 Main Road,Dovercourt,Essex.6.30pm
Tues 20th  Psychic & Therapy Event.Clacton Coastal Community Centre
Pathfields Road,Clacton,Essex.11.00am-4.00pm. 20 minute reading £10.00    
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